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A Summer Fairytale: Celebrating Love at Merrydale Manor Leanne & Ryan

Nestled amidst the enchanting scenery of Merrydale Manor, a summer wedding unfolded, capturing the essence of pure joy and celebration. The bride, arriving in style on a charming golf buggy, set the tone for a day filled with laughter and lighthearted moments.

Merrydale Manor: Wedding photographer, Sean Peters, Manchester weddings,  bride in golf buggy

The ceremony, beautifully captured by Sean Peters Photography, was a testament to love and happiness. As the bride and groom exchanged vows, their guests radiated with joy, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss.

The festivities continued with unexpected delights, including amazing singing waiters who transformed the evening into a lively musical spectacle. Laughter echoed through the air as the bride playfully tossed her bouquet from the balcony, marking yet another moment of carefree happiness.

From the heartfelt vows to the spontaneous and joyful moments, the day was an embodiment of love, laughter, and cherished memories. It was a celebration where every moment was infused with the warmth of summer and the boundless happiness of two souls united in love.

Merrydale Manor is a luxury wedding venue located in Knutsford, Cheshire, England . The venue is family-owned and family-run, and each wedding receives the same care and attention . The experienced events team will do everything in their power to make your dream a reality . Merrydale Manor is an exclusive, bespoke and unconditionally romantic venue that offers opulent accommodation . The estate has a beautiful driveway, lush gardens, a stunning manor house, and a peaceful lake . The venue is available for weddings and other events, and you can contact them at 01565 724060 .


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