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​A non refundable booking fee of £100 is required to secure our video services/ photography service or £200 when booking both services both together.


Once booking has been confirmed with booking payment, contract has been entered into and all our terms and conditions apply.


On-line & phone bookings are subject to receiving a booking fee of £100-£200 within 2 days of booking, we can not guarantee your booking till such time payment has been received.


All booking are subject to availability.


Full payment is due four weeks prior to the date of the event by, bank transfer or other electronic means,or by cash. Payment made latter than this period must to settled only in cash.

All images/recordings remain the copyright of Sean Peters Photography and video, unless agreed and received in writing images/recordings may be used for promotional marketing material including display prints, albums and on social media. No unauthorized copying of photography is allowed unless granted by Sean Peters.


In the event of cancellation all monies paid will be forfeit and non returnable.


In the event of postponement, change of time or location, extension to agreed booking time/location etc we reserve the right to cancel the booking and all monies paid will be forfeit, 

In the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to cancel and only be liable to refund all monies paid or use an alternative operator to cover the work on our behalf. Notice of changes may not always be given.


In the event of total video/photography failure we shall be limited to a maximum of a full refund.


In the event of partial video/photography failure we shall be limited to a maximum 50% refund of that service.


All master material recorded will remain the sole property of Sean Peters Photography & Video and used for any purpose seen fit.

Master material is not archived and will be re-used after final edit has been completed.


All files/tapes/cards remain the property of Sean Peters Photography and will be stored for a maximum of 1 year.

Photoshop editing and image manipulation is not included in any package but an optional extra.


All images recorded are at the desecration of the operator/operators on the day. We are not liable for coverage that was requested that wasn't recorded.


Camera positions in venues are subject to permission by the venue.

Ensure any licence fees required to record your event are paid in advance. Any fees required that have not been paid may result in filming not being permitted. Any such payments are to be met by you. We are not responsible if we are restricted from filming if required licenses have not been granted.


If music is required on the final production ensure permission has been granted for such use. Any fees required must be paid by you. All music presented to us to use will be assumed to have been granted said licences.


Duration of the final production will vary depending on work flow and no completion dates can be guaranteed. 


Allow up to 4 weeks for presentation of preview images for photography packages.


The final video production (edit) is done at the desecration of Sean Peters Photography & Video. Further re-edits will be charged at the current hourly rate. Finished productions may take up to 16 weeks during busy periods but no guarantee on a final completion date can be given.


We don't retain original video footage longer than 12 months from the wedding/event date and can not commence production of the final edit till all materials required to complete the edit is in our possession.


We reserve the right to display our work as we see fit and display images/video/data in any form.


If additional filming-photography is required on the day of the event, such filming-photography coverage will be charged at the current hourly rate, per camera operator. If in such circumstances additional expenses are incurred such as overnight accommodation, additional transport cost or additional camera crew this will be payable on the day.


When working past the wedding breakfast light refreshments are required for the camera operators on the day of the event. If working past midnight or over 100 miles away from the event accommodation will be required and payable by yourselves in advance.

If any return of monies/refund is agreed this will be refunded 60 days after such agreement. 


All packages, terms & prices are subject to change without notice.

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